the Team

Because we always go further together than alone, because we can be very good everywhere but it is difficult to be everywhere at the same time, because we have a treasure to share in each of us, because we have more fun together, because we support each other in the hardest moments, because, because, because... it is good to work in a team, and what team !

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Christophe Keip - Photographer

Lives and works in Aix-en-Provence, France

I have been travelling the world for 30 years to capture human souls and help people feel better about their image. I am a portrait photographer…

Emotion and connection are my priority. Whether on a trip or in everyday life, I spontaneously meet the other, his authenticity.


The other one is the most important. Even before the image.

Sangie - Artistic Director

Lives and works in Aix-en-Provence, France


Passionate about art and fashion, I am a model, professional painter, dancer, and artistic director. I participate in shootings and the preparation of exhibitions. I determine the aesthetic universe, the atmosphere, the decor, and direct the attitude of the people who come to pose in order to transmit through the photo the desired emotions.


Thanks to my travels and the encounters I have had the chance to make, I draw my inspiration from a wide variety of fields. But the photo shoots all have a common objective: to have fun and share a good time!


We look forward to meeting you.

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Mélissa - Make Up Artist

Lives and works in Ensuès, France


In my opinion, make-up is an art that can be expressed every day. It is a very rewarding job and in direct contact with others.


What I love most of all is to reveal the best of each of us and thus restore confidence to people who no longer had enough.


I want to prove to people that our beauty is unique and it's wonderful to be able to bring it out.

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Adrian Alexander Slezak - Photo Retoucher

Lives and works near Edinburg, Scotland

I am a high-end photo retoucher specialising in portrait, beauty, fashion and glamour photo retouching.

My story with Adobe Photoshop began in the late 90s. Despite software limitations and low resoluton images, I have found a strange fascination with manipulating images. Years later I have decided to pick up a digital camera myself which allowed me to progress my retouching skills further. I understand and respect the light in my retouching too.

My style is mostly natural and I have great attention to detail. I only use the most advanced non-destructive techniques to bring you outstanding results each time.

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