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Photography - Express Session

This Express Session (USD350 = 310EUR) includes:

  • Make-Up for 1 person
  • 30min Studio Session
  • 1 background & outfilt
  • 30 images or more with basic retouching (low definition)
  • 1 fully retouched images of your choice (high definition)

Photography - Express Session

310,00 €Prix

Every minute counts in your life. As time matters, with no compromise on quality, you need a photo of you that is a true portrait, and your best ambassador  (to get a new job, to meet new friends, to communicate on social networks).

I'm Christophe Keip. I live and work in the south of France. I have been travelling the world for 30 years to capture human souls and help people feel better about their image. I am a portrait photographer…

My team and I will welcome you from 09/28 to 10/03 in the Loft 402. It is the perfect place, located on the waterfront in Williamsburg, a vibrant, fashionable neighborhood of Brooklyn located just across the East River from the East Village in Manhattan. The area is filled with restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and artists’ studios. The Loft 402 photo studio is a short walk from the L train subway stop, and down the street from Duane Reade, a grocery store, and Depanneur coffee shop.

Your amazing experience will be as follows:

  • Welcome and 5-10 minutes chat on your objective, and to know you better
  • Make-up done by a professional Make-Up Artist to get the best of you
  • 30 minutes shooting session with onelight setup, one background and one outfit
  • A few days after the shooting, I will send you a private link with all the session’s photos (30+ images), in low resolution (1-2MB per file)
  • You will send me back your favorite, which will be fully retouched and sent you back in high-resolution a few days later (20+MB per file).

My objective is to offer you a photo that reflects your soul, your will, your wantings, the person you really are.

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